Fashion Emergency? Ask a Stylist.

Just when you thought you had all the app’s you need to survive, shopping website partnered with Glamour magazine to create the new “Ask a Stylist” app for the iPhone. Before I go any further I must confess that I’m a Blackberry user since the first pearl came out SO I might be a little biased on my thoughts here..

The way it works is that you send photos of apparel/accessories to “Ask a Stylist” with questions like how to coordinate a particular item, if you should buy something etc. There’s a team of 8 stylists “trained and certified” by Glamour (whatever that means, I mean hey, Glamour is not Vogue) and an individual stylist will reply with an answer. Each stylist has a profile and eventually user ratings will also be displayed. There are also event categories in which you could ask questions, pertaining to “Wedding” or “Girls’ Night” for example. Stylists can also suggest items to buy, though they are not paid through commission.

Alright. So yes a lot of people would like a personal stylist. And there may never be a day that we have Rachel Zoe to answer our personal questions, so this is one step forward. But I’m seeing a disconnect here – I mean you have this virtual stylist, and if they see a picture of an item on a screen, it may look amazing, a must-have even. But you don’t see the person asking the question, so you’re judging based on the item itself, without knowing much about the other person, their size etc. I’ve never been a stylist, but I’m just feeling like there needs to be something more personal here – coordination problems, easy – but to be a good stylist, you need to understand your client, their likes, their dislikes, spending allowance, otherwise we’ll all look like a page inside Glamour, and where’s the fun in that? And for that fact, even though these stylists are Glamour-approved, would you rather trust the “expert” person behind the screen or a friend who knows you?

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