A Magazine to Channel Your “Passion for Fashion”

I entered fashion once upon a time before Project Runway existed and before models turned designers. It goes without saying that a lot has changed since then and our industry has become so GLAMORIZED that everyone and their mother’s brother wants to be “in fashion”. Dad, I’m talking to you, I’m tired of talking to your colleague’s kids who want to be in fashion. Ugh. Anyway, despite my slight annoyance of everyone with a “passion for fashion” (anyone that knows me knows that the mention of that phrase automatically discredits them in my mind), I like this idea. Behold the world’s first “culture of fashion” magazine Industrie.

As our magazine editor pointed out, that is indeed ANNA on the cover of the first issue, due out May 25th. So Industrie, you’ve got our attention. There are a lot of industry interviews/videos/books etc. out there but now we get our very own magazine. I suppose we are celebrities in our own rights, and in some ways it’s kind of cool that everyone thinks we’re so damn interesting.

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