Your Life, StyledOn

So I finally got the chance to check out the newish site,

It’s sort of hard to put what StyledOn is in a few words. It’s kind of like Facebook for the style set but more visual and inspiration/photo driven. The idea is to upload street shots of yourself as well as images of any and everything inspiring in the realm of fashion, culture or home decor. The concept sounds very blog-like (and also kind of like a virtual scrapbook) BUT there’s a community tie-in too, which I like. Your profile and all the things you post are connected to your Facebook, Twitter or personal blog. Of course you could comment and follow others too. A Featured Member also appears on the homepage.

There’s something about it that reminds me vaguely of IQONS, which I think had a nice following plus industry support but somehow faded away. Case in point, do you still go on IQONS? Anyway, on StyledOn there’s also all the other stuff that every other fashion site has from “insider” editorials to designer profiles. What I think sounds interesting is the link from inspiration pics to actual product you can buy. I’ve always loved that about editorials, like the old school runway-to-retail (or reality) editorials. I tried StyledOn’s “Buy This Online” feature for a pair of Balenciaga art deco shoes, I simply got to the homepage of Balenciaga, so it seems the feature needs a little work.

StyledOn is currently in beta mode and it looks like it’s attracting a nice following from stylish people around the globe. I love the idea of sharing information but I think StyledOn falls into that area that no one has conquered as of yet – a real exchange of inspiration amongst a certain crowd to feed off of one another. Fashion people are fashion people no matter where you go, and we’re all online anyway, so why not share our daily inspiration and feed off of others in one place? It will be interesting to follow StyledOn in its development, and also see how it grows with possible brand involvement/collaborations amongst members.

The founder of StyledOn is 23-year-old Leora Kadisha, who grew up in Beverly Hills and studied fashion in Paris at the Sorbonne and ESMOD School of Design.

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