I recall the days of premium denim quite fondly, where any brand who was anybody installed a denim bar to their retail store format. While those days are long gone, now we’re seeing online platforms implement a similar denim bar concept.

Introducing the Denim Bar from MY-WARDROBE.COM. You might be thinking that this sounds a tad familiar. Just one month ago, NET-A-PORTER launched a painstaking similar concept called the Denim Boutique, which shares a lot of similarities with my-wardrobe’s Denim Bar.

Here’s what’s on tap over at my-wardrobe.

The Fit Factory – all about each style’s fit.

The Brand Guide – now that we’ve passed a time when everyone had a denim line, The Brand Guide focuses on my-wardrobe’s 6 denim lines. In menswear I thought this was too few, but in ladies denim, I think it kind of makes sense to have today’s best of the best – the survivors after premium denim if you will.

Figure Fixers – I have to admit that I kind of laughed when I saw this, it made me think of one of those cheesy editorials you would find in InStyle or something. But in the end, I like this feature. my-wardrobe identifies figure flaws – everything from big bottom to muffin top – and shows a video suggesting what to avoid and jeans to fit each figure.

Denim Timeline – I like this sort of thing. With stops along the way from Farrah Fawcett to Brooke Shields.

Denim Glossary – Nice add-on, although I see guys being more interested in this sort of thing than ladies.

And that’s not all! There was also a temporary 2-day pop-up shop last week on Carnaby Street in London to celebrate the launch of the Denim Bar on my-wardrobe, HOWEVER, the pop-up was dedicated to the men’s-only equivalent of the Denim Bar. Sort of puzzling to me, as I think the ladies Denim Bar was stronger than the men’s. Seems like we’re experiencing a shift from brick-and-mortar stores to more online denim retailers, keep denim bars on your radar!

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