LV’s Homage To Craftsmanship

Heritage is a big selling point as of late, with more brands jumping on the bandwagon to emphasize exactly how much craftsmanship goes into production. A little over a month ago we saw Gucci set up “Artisan Corners” in their stores where handbags were assembled, elevating the handcrafted aspect that goes into each one. Brands are also emphasizing similar elements in ad campaigns.

Most recently, Louis Vuitton featured two advertisements showing a “seamstress with linen thread” which suggested the handbags were hand-stitched.

Problem is, Louis Vuitton bags are made by machine, although LV alleges that bag production is “not automated.” Surely they have artisans in the process but the ads depict hand craftsmanship which is apparently not the case. The British Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) banned both advertisements last week sighting a breach of truthfulness clause. LV did not provide the ASA with documentation that proves manufacturing by hand so the ads were deemed misleading.

Word of advice, if you’re going to proclaim your brand to be something (hand-crafted, eco-friendly, etc.), make sure it really is.

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