Power Stretch @ Denim By Premiere Vision

So before I hit the sack and rest up for the second and final day of Denim by Premiere Vision tomorrow, I just wanted to share one of the biggest messages of the day. Nearly all the weavers I met with, including Cappio, Denim Authority, ITV Denim, Ortaandolu, Tavex and TRC Candiani had either “super stretch” or “power stretch” as the first and foremost leading trend for Fall 11/12 ladies denim. As one weaver put it, last season we had super stretch and now we have super-super stretch. A few other things to mention that were often seen along with S-T-R-E-T-C-H: weavers are now using cupro in denim and applying super soft finishes, one that prompted me to say I could sleep in it and speaking of that..

Here’s a few teasers, much more to come on Fashion Snoops.


ITV Denim

ITV Denim

TRC Candani

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