Louboutin’s Take on Fakes

Recently Christian Louboutin launched a website called that aims to educate customers of their “zero tolerance” policy regarding fakes. On the website is a rather surprising video, in which a truck plows over piles of fake Louboutins with the caption stating that fake products are seized and destroyed.

The idea is that the video gets picked up virally to educate consumers and really address the problem. This type of counterfeit combat is a first for a luxury brand such as Louboutin, to take such a strong stance on the topic. The counterfeit shunning website lists a quite extensive list of known websites that sell fake Louboutins. Apparently there is also a program that deals with both manufacturers and vendors of fake products.

I have to applaud Christian Louboutin for taking the issue of fakes to this level of exposure and I hope that it aids to eradicate the counterfeit business. Though lawsuits are common amongst knock-offs and brands and luxury brand accessories are common victims, I really think it’s time for the industry to join forces and attempt to solve the problem together. A few years ago I remember seeing a short film in Louis Vuitton’s Champs-Elysees store that addressed the topic of a fake LV bag set to real life story. While the film was well produced and tourists in the know may have made it up to the penthouse to view the film, it was a little too artistic to make an impact. A truck rolling over counterfeits, now that says something.

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