When Fast Fashion Comes to E-commerce

Zara is finally introducing their e-commerce site, which sure beats the current website’s window-shopping antics. It’s pretty much like “look but don’t touch” or buy or pretty much anything else aside from sharing items on facebook (ok, that counts for something). And at least they finally added product images instead of paging through the current ad campaign.


ANYWAY, this is big news! Sure, everyone else has been doing e-commerce for a while, but did you notice that of the fast fashion giants, it’s been slow, slower and slowest in terms of opening up online shops? Yes we’ve got Topshop, Mango and Forever 21, but what about Zara, H&M and Uniqlo?


Perhaps fast fashion has been slow to come to e-commerce BECAUSE it is fast fashion. I mean you go into any of the above high street retailers and the merchandise turns every 6 weeks or less – that’s also what keeps customers coming back, right? I would imagine that the rate of turn-over online would be somewhat slower, which would cause the problem of clothes lingering online at regular retail when they’re already sold out or on sale in actual retail stores. But it looks like they’ve worked out all that, in some markets. Zara’s e-commerce site launches September 2nd and will only be available in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and France (yay)! I do wonder when they will launch in the U.S. and also if the others – H&M and Uniqlo – will follow. On a personal note, I sure would love to leave the masses behind and shop these store’s designer collaborations online.

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