So in case you didn’t hear, model Agyness Deyn just launched a new online mag with her bff Fiona Byrne. Aggy serves as Creative director while Byrne is editor-in-chief. I had a little look-see this morning and I like what I see so far. NAAG offers 4 main sections – Beauty, Places, Culture and Fashion. The tone of the writing is very familiar in a good way – almost reminiscent of Jane Pratt back in the day. So far the features read like an informal sit down with Aggy and Fiona where they tell you everything they love at the moment. Which is cool. But it gets better. The edge and point of difference I found to be kind of awesome is that they do their own photo shoots, which is not so common in Internet-only mags. I’d imagine that just between Aggy and Fiona (who’s also a contributor to Nylon), they probably have a laundry list of friends who would be more than happy to collaborate on shoots for NAAG.

Below, some of the goods I found. And btw those “new favorite jeans” for $70 are from the Gap. Accessibility, check.

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One thought on “NAAG Mag

  1. elliot on said:

    love the design, on their site it says they worked with designed memory who do all the big fashion sites

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