J’aime Mon Carré

Hermès is going the way of Burberry’s Art of the Trench with a new street style backed website, J’aime Mon Carré (I Love My Scarf).

The site is divided by city – London, New York, Paris, Tokyo – where you could explore different scarves (without a link to buy), knots (with nifty how-to illustrations), girls’ profiles from each of the cities and films.

The site graphics are pretty cool and the girls themselves (there are only 7 actually profiled) are definitely of the stylish begging-to-be-photographed on the street set, but something about J’aime Mon Carré just says marketing push to me, as opposed to Burberry’s Art of the Trench which has a much more natural and organic feel. I think the product has something to do with it. Virtually EVERYONE out there has a trench coat and the trench coat is so undoubtedly associated with Burberry. Hermès has the same sort of iconic definition with scarves so that does make sense. The thing that isn’t quite the same to me is that you don’t see a Hermès scarf (or knock-off) walking down the street everyday like you do with trench coats. So maybe there isn’t quite as much street cred… yet. The other thing that is lacking for me is that while almost every page on the site has a wallpaper of faux-Polaroid street shots which you can’t enlarge, there isn’t an endless amount of pics which leads me to believe they were probably staged (as in not real street shots).

What I think IS working here is that Hermès is clearly going after a much younger audience and the J’aime Mon Carré initiative definitely gets that point across. Other cool things are on the horizon though – including a limited edition collection for Colette in Paris which will bow on September 27th. The site boasts other upcoming events in international cities which seem to be in-store events.

Will J’aime Mon Carré be as wildly successful as Art of the Trench? Probably not. But it just may get the younger set to work Hermès scarves into their everyday ensembles, and that in itself would make the initiative successful.

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