MNG by Mango at JCPenney

This week JCPenney rolled out a rather massive launch of their newest brand exclusive, MNG by Mango, to 77 department stores and online. The MNG by Mango shops average around 1,000 square feet and the retailer has ambitious plans to expand the exclusive to 600 Penny’s next Fall.

Mango’s addition to JCPenney marks the 3rd built-out shop for the retailer which already applies the concept for Sephora and Call It Footwear. In the junior arena, the retailer has a strong line-up of exclusive diffusion lines including I [Heart] Ronson and Allen B. MNG by Mango is different from those in that it targets a more contemporary customer as opposed to juniors, and has the big branded MNG by Mango shop concept. It’s the first fast fashion brand for the retailer – actually the first fast fashion brand in a US department store – so it will be really interesting to follow its development. Off the top of my head, Selfridges in London has Topshop and that does seemingly well, but the type of department store and notorious high street label is visibly a different scenario from JCP’s MNG by Mango.

Here’s a glimpse of the collection I saw online.

Belted Strapless Dress, $99.90

Printed Top, $39.90

Woven Shirt $44.90

MNG by Mango Denim, $49.90 – $79.90

The Mango collection sold in JCP stores is bought from the regular Mango range, though it’s almost like an exclusive because there are only 12 Mango stores in the US. And we all know that exclusivity in department stores is the wave of the future. I’m willing to bet that most JCP shoppers don’t know what Mango is, so there will need to be adequate build-up to establish brand identity. Heck, to most JCP shoppers, the concept of fast fashion is probably still relatively new, although H&M has opened dozens of doors in the US in recent years. MNG by Mango brings that high street/fast fashion concept to JCP with new deliveries every 2 weeks.

Now while I haven’t set foot in a JCPenney in years, I do know that contemporary is not their strong point, and seemingly that’s the void that MNG by Mango attempts to address. A review of their established brands include Liz Claiborne, St. John’s Bay and Worthington which are all true womenswear brands. There’s also a.n.a. and diffusion line Nicole by Nicole Miller (another exclusive) which answer to contemporary. However, there’s definitely a big gap between ladies and a full array of junior brands. JCP is right in trying to cater more to the contemporary customer (even if I myself wouldn’t say Mango is contemporary). Anyway, the one big issue I see with MNG by Mango is the price range. With most items fall around $50 – $100, it seems a little too “aspirational” if you will, for your average JCP shopper. Both the current contemporary collections of a.n.a. and Nicole by Nicole Miller are significantly less expensive than MNG by Mango. But there has to be something that merits the price, right? How about quality? It’s almost a given that the quality is higher for MNG by Mango but are JCP customers willing to pay more for it? Will MNG by Mango hit upon trends much better and in advance of their contemporary counterparts that will merit the extra dollars? Or is JCP luring in a new contemporary customer?

All of this remains to be seen. I do admit that I pretty much like everything about the launch of MNG by Mango for JCPenney. The exclusivity, the in-shop concept and a strong contemporary collection for the retailer all make sense to me – the only thing that scares me is the price range. JCP shoppers, will you spend your dollars on MNG by Mango?

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4 thoughts on “MNG by Mango at JCPenney

  1. Joanne on said:

    I love this new line after seeing it on their website and I love the way it’s displayed in their store! Very classy looking especially when you walk by Sephora inside JCPenney, then you see their shining Jewelry Store and then to the Mango Boutique.. I could spend hours in that store now.. and yes I will be buying some of the Mango apparel at JCPenney because if you think about it JCPenney has $10 off $50 and $15 off $75 coupons so that helps a lot especially with this high end brand.

  2. Your review is inaccurate and under researched. You yourself admit to not stepping in one of their stores for years. Having gone to check out the new mng shop yesterday I can tell you jcp is not lacking in contemporary brands. The labels you mention are targeted to a Missy customer and don’t even sit with contemporary in their stores. Yesterday we scored looks from mango and charlotte ronson without visiting either one of the coasts. Add to the contemporary mix oxford and regent, she said, and bisou bisou we left with 9 looks complete with 4 pairs of shoes. You would be surprised with what you can get at jcp if you dare step foot in their stores.

  3. Thanks for the feedback! Speaking to S – the reason that I haven’t stepped into a JCP store is because I’ve been living in Paris for the past 3 years – believe me if I was still in the States I would definitely hit the sales floor! Unfortunately since I’m not there, my opinions on this post are based on my knowledge of JCP stores which I regularly competitive shopped for manufacturers prior to leaving the States.

    I did spend adequate time on the JCP website (the best I could do from here) and based on that it still appears that there is a gap between what JCP defines as junior and missies – “contemporary” is not even an area to shop and some brands like Bisou Bisou and I [Heart] Ronson are listed under missies. Perhaps the average JCP shopper doesn’t know what “contemporary” means and that’s why they haven’t separated it on their website? Maybe that divide needs to be marketed better.

    Also, when I shopped the store regularly, some of the brands I mentioned were as contemporary as JCP got at the time. Based on your feedback it seems like the contemporary market is much better carved out in stores, and perhaps that was precedented by some brands shifting towards a more missy look to make way for the contemporary exclusives.

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