French Vogue: I Want To Be This Hot When I’m 90

I FINALLY HAVE IT! The 90th Anniversary edition of French Vogue with the special portfolio of 90 photos AVAILABLE ONLY IN FRANCE!

With the November Vogue already on the shelves, you might wonder what took so long. Well you see, I was in NY followed by LA when the October anniversary edition hit newsstands in France and believe me when I say that I scoured all corners of Paris over the past several weeks to get 1 copy of it! Apologies to all those who asked me to pick up an extra copy – it seems I got the last one. You’ll just have to pay a visit to my living room to see them behind glass..

Anyhow, I was going to select only my favorite photographs from the supplement, however it turns out that there were some pretty amazing moments throughout the years – mainly from the 1960s to Present. Here are the majority of them. As Carine Roitfeld put it, “Si un seul mot devait résumer l’élégance, le luxe, l’audace, le désir et l’esprit, nul doute que ce serait Vogue!” or “If a single word had to summarize the elegance, the luxury, audacity, the desire and the spirit, no one doubts that it would be Vogue!”

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