McQueen’s Legacy, Set For The MET!

Could not be more excited to hear that the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has chosen Alexander McQueen as the topic of its upcoming show. Titled “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty,” the exhibit will debut at the annual Costume Institute gala on May 2nd.

The exhibit is so right for so many reasons. Of the countless books penned to commemorate McQueen, I see no better occasion than this upcoming exhibit to exemplify the great designer’s legacy. I love that curator Andrew Bolton intends to present the exhibit by theme as opposed to chronological order because it will make McQueen’s mark on fashion that much more powerful.

Below are a few recurring themes from McQueen’s bespoke label over the past several years. I’m certain that these and more will serve as eternal inspiration for many designers to come and the exhibit will leave a fantastical mark on McQueen’s legacy.

The Regal

The Romantic

The Futurist

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