Bohemian Expedition = Snake Valley

One of my favorite parts about my work at Fashion Snoops is that I am able to view fashion from all angles, from high to low, mid to streets. While it ain’t always pretty, I was thrilled to see our Bohemian Expedition theme translate into one of the first collections at Topshop, which they call Snake Valley.

Our vision of Bohemian Expedition (above) is, if you ask me, the most exciting boho expression of the season. Of course there are truer flower child and folk inspired visions, but this one feels new because it combines bohemia in all its glory with the ruggedness of the desert, bringing in some amazing reptile expressions.

And now for Topshop’s Snake Valley. You could see the entire collection here. Fringe is a key detail (one of the most important this season) and I particularly love the open stitch and cross stitch sweaters. Snakeskin is an essential (as are printed pants for that matter) and a gypsy blouse is thrown in for good [boho] measure.

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3 thoughts on “Bohemian Expedition = Snake Valley

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