Moving Techno Forward

Spring 11, “Techno Tribal”

Last season one of the most exciting ethnic references continued the conversation on Africa by making it an eye-popping print/pattern story set to bright techno-colored hues. As featured on Fashion Snoops, Techno Tribal was in my estimation, the most exciting African expression because it veered away from all the ethnic craft which we’ve become familiar with, and pushed it into a power-charged youth direction.

And now at London Fashion Week, Matthew Williamson introduced a fantastic Techno Folk theme for Fall 11.

Matthew Williamson, Fall 11

I’ve got to admit I’m loving this. Not only does it push last season’s techno vibe into a new direction for Fall/Winter, but it’s loaded with fantastic craft driven patterns like zig-zags or kaleidoscopic expressions. The application of these wonderful patterns are all the more applicable applied on blanket coats, wrap skirts and maxi dresses. Fur jackets, trim and vests give it a bohemian feel and even the pieced moto pants work well into the mix.

Matthew Williamson, Fall 11

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