Seems like the Rodarte girls are no longer the only ones with their roots in handicraft. While our favorite design duo pretty much has signature written all over things like quilting, there’s been a couple sightings in London of handcrafted inspired collections.

Christopher Kane, Fall 11

Christopher Kane’s idea of handcrafted had the feel of those knit squares that your grandmother used to make which appeared across sweater separates from dresses to skirts and cardigans. A new twist came in the form of colored liquid suspended in plastic as trim (see last photo) which made for a nice futuristic contrast against granny’s knits.

Pringle of Scotland, Fall 11

Pringle of Scotland had another idea in mind – in particular authentic weavers in Central America. Their sweater “craft” appeared across ponchos as well as body skimming dresses and skirts. Yarn fringe as a detail made the look all the more authentic.

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