Milan’s Youthquake Movement

In Milan, several designers have embraced Mod 60s looks, namely Alberta Ferretti, Prada and Bottega Veneta. What’s interesting is that while there is a distinct youthquake movement happening – see a few here from London, it was a somewhat of a surprise to see these designers embrace it, each in their own way.

Alberta Ferretti, Fall 11

Alberta Ferretti makes a departure from her sweet romantic signatures by offering a fresh youth-centric mod collection highlighting shift dresses, printed coats and over-the-knee velvet boots, all set to jewel tones.

Prada, Fall 11

Miuccia Prada’s return to mod came as a surprise because we’ve seen mod from her in the not-so-distant past, as in Miu Miu’s Spring 10 collection, and also because Prada tends to always march to a different beat. However, if Prada is doing mod, one must not be blind to the fact that it is a HUGE deal. The dropped waist silhouette is a key direction (also cue self-belts), as well as dropped shoulders for coats. Multi-color grid patterns stand out, and the application of python adds a touch of luxury.

Bottega Veneta, Fall 11

Perhaps the most surprising mod expression came from Tomas Maier at Bottega Veneta. While there were certainly other aspects to the collection, the youth-centric mod looks included shift dresses, A-line skirts and tweed fabrics set to bold pink and orange color blocked looks. Also of note, both Prada and Bottega applied a policy of no pants in their collections.

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