Catching Up With The Master of Minimalism

Pheobe Philo’s collection for Céline is always much anticipated, perhaps even more so each season, with minimalist sportswear steadily influencing the market.

So what’s new for Fall 11 at Céline? Well, while the collection was strong and still very much in line with simplicity and minimalism, there wasn’t a whole lot of newness going on that we haven’t already seen. Two-toned pants, which we saw as part of the pieced trend in New York were perhaps the biggest take-away in tweed and leather.

In fact, pieced construction, which we also saw strongly from other cities, turns out to be the strongest detail statement of the season. Philo’s interpretation of the trend comes in the form of leather panels as well as pieced fur, which brings newness to those must-have fur coats.

And finally we see a wood grain print appear on entire looks, which is strikingly similar to Rodarte’s Spring 11 wood grain motif, although Céline’s version is nevertheless complimentary set to minimalist shapes.

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5 thoughts on “Catching Up With The Master of Minimalism

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