Egging Stella On

Stella McCartney, Fall 11

As I pointed out in Milan, rounded silhouettes are becoming a big deal for Fall 11. Stella McCartney is the latest to join the list of designers (which includes Jil Sander and Prada) on the round-about conversation. But just how relevant are rounded silhouettes? To be sure, there are a fair share of over-exaggerated, over-sized styles, and Stella in particular took on the egg shape which at times was more comical than commercial. The styles featured above speak to the later, such as rounded sleeves on a sheath dress, a dropped shoulder chunky sweater, or egg shaped tops paired to slender pencil skirts or trousers.

This is certainly not the first time attention is directed towards shoulders. After all in recent season’s we’ve seen fierce jutting shoulders – a la Balmain – to shoulder embellishment which still lingers at retail, to circle Mickey Mouse puff sleeves from Dolce & Gabbana. There will always be “extreme” styles, however I do see relevance with rounded silhouettes – albeit the more conservative styles – as we head into Fall 11.

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