Just When You Thought It Was Over..

DRESS NUMBER 2! Otherwise known as ANOTHER Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress, which Kate is wearing for the “intimate” 300-person reception.

Now, thoughts? We all LOVED her dress from this morning, hands down. But eeh.. isn’t this one a tad too similar? Yes the lace bodice and sleeves are gone but the silhouette is quite familiar – that circle skirt does look gorgeous though doesn’t it – AND the structured strapless bodice is princess perfect. Personally I could pass on the bling waistline but hey, this is the ROYAL WEDDING.. however, cropped angora sweater? No.

Alright I may be slightly over critical just because this morning was so perfect. Couldn’t she just lose the lace overlay and train there’s your reception dress? Ah well. Anyhow, I think this baby is probably going to be replicated as much – if not more – than the ceremony gown. And the hair down for the evening is also a great look.

WAIT, here’s an idea.. maybe it was more convienent to have 2 gowns because the first one is in transit to the MET for the Costume Institute’s Gala on Monday? SAY YES!

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