Shhh.. Forever 21 Invades Europe

HOLA! Forever 21 is the newest high street retailer to land in Barcelona, home of Inditex high street faves Zara, Bershka and Pull & Bear. WHAT?! You didn’t hear about it? Not surprised. There has been very little coverage (if any) on Forever 21 making a move into the European market. I spoke with several industry people who claim that this Barcelona location is the first European Forever 21, although it’s not even listed on the store’s website. Instead, 1 location is listed in England (not London) and another in Dublin. In any case, let’s say that this is Forever 21’s first move to a MAJOR European retail destination which visibly goes head-to-head with the popular high street chains.

But here’s an interesting piece of information.. according to our trusty Fashion Snoops researcher who photographed the new store, it’s located within the newest city limits of Barcelona in a shopping area called La Maquinista.. an area that is only accessible by car (there’s free parking). So it looks like Forever 21 is gearing up to be the ultimate new high street shopping destination in Barcelona, but will shoppers leave the comforts of Barcelona’s pedestrian friendly streets to make the trek?

Time will tell. In the meantime, have a glimpse at the Barcelona store below – full coverage on Fashion Snoops this week. It looks like, well.. pretty much every other Forever 21 out there. I’ve heard that a Paris store is in the works, and look forward to watching Forever 21 closely to see how it matches up with its European counterparts. P.S. It looks like the retailer’s European website is already up and running (and shipping) to EU countries.

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One thought on “Shhh.. Forever 21 Invades Europe

  1. Melissa, Forever 21 opened in London this week too. It opened on oxford street on the 27th. Just thought you’d like to know. Theres are article about it on our news blog. Hope you well xxx

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