Bread & Butter Spring 12: Editor’s Choice

Want to know ALL there is to know about the Bread & Butter tradeshow? Best check Fashion Snoops this week! That’s right in UNDER 1 WEEK since the show ended, the report on womenswear is up, which makes it our fastest coverage.. EVER. Very exciting. But what’s more is that inside the report there are over 40 to feast your eyes on, not to mention fabulous exhibitor coverage in both ladies and juniors. Here’s my take on the most important trends of the show.

BOHO EXPEDITION. This probably sounds familiar as we identified this theme back in Spring 12 runway and some retailers have already adapted the look. Now is the time to head to the desert, fringe and all.

MAXI SKIRTS. Speaking of boho.. the maxi silhouette still rules on skirts and dresses. And here’s an interesting factor – for the first time at a tradeshow, a handful of brands introduced the midi silhouette, which has been so popular on runways for the past 2 seasons.

UTILITARIAN SAFARI. Another widespread theme at the show is a hit with the casual crowd, featuring olive drab and every last bit of utilitarian detail.

TRENCH COATS. Speaking of utility, the classic trench is a must-have across brands at the show.

BIKER GANG. What do you mean you’re tired of this trend? Biker and moto styling remain relevant with new vest styles, while asymmetrical zips land upon many non-leather options.

RED. As we saw on runways, red is one of the most popular fashion colors at Bread & Butter.

RUGBY STRIPES. Another runway trend reflected at the tradeshow level. Rugby stripes provide a nice change of pace from the spectator stripes a la Prada (even if they still hang around).

FLOCK THIS WAY. A number of brands turn to bird patterns. The big call-out comes from Gsus’ bird of paradise motif, which reflected Givenchy’s S12 menswear collection.

PATTERNED PANTS. In more patterned news, EVERYONE is doing patterned pants. But not just in any shape.. read on.

SLOUCHY PEG. This is THE bottom silhouette of the season. Patterned or not, brands are loving this fit with a lower waist, baggy fit in the hips and tapered hem.

OVERSIZED. Both knit and woven tops feature oversized shapes. Of note, the soft blouse is particularly relevant and a new twist comes in the form of high-low hemlines, for an almost cropped look.

SUEDE. Last but not least, suede (and leather) make the move from jackets to sportswear separates like shorts, dresses and skirts.

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