Mother Monster, Father Versace

2 months ago I was suffering from what I called #gagafatigue on Twitter. Apparently it’s just coming around to some other editors who recently unfollowed her. I may have my paws up once again, but something else has been going on for almost 2 months. Lady Gaga has promised to only wear Versace, a vow that should expire later this month.

We’re not talking this season or even next season’s Versace, it’s vintage darlings! That’s right, Donatella opened up the label’s archives for the first time since her brother Gianni Versace passed in ’97. There are those who don’t believe Mother Monster is worthy of such an honor but I beg to differ.

Venturino Vintage; Lady Gaga

As I sorted through photos from the Vintage Selection show in Florence (report to post next week on Fashion Snoops), I was struck by a number of late 80s and 90s Gianni Versace pieces. Sure vintage dealers specialize in certain designers and eras but I think the quantity of vintage Versace right now is more than just a coincidence. Whether or not Lady Gaga is being PAID to wear Versace remains a mystery – and wouldn’t that be an interesting twist on product placement – 60 days of brand exclusivity on a major pop star. I also can’t help but think of the major Mugler push that Gaga made for the past 2 seasons with her friend and stylist Nicola Formichetti. The friendship between the two just seemed so genuine that no one asked if money was involved, and I think we’re all pretty convinced that the collaboration was a 2-sided deal, including a new single release on the runway.

Only One Brescia

Vinturino Vintae, Charly Max Vintage

So did Lady Gaga, today’s queen of pop just wake up one day and decide she wanted to wear Versace? I have a feeling there is more to the story than that, but also that perhaps her push has more merit to Versace than it did to Mugler’s revival with Formichetti. YES Gaga famously said that she bought everything in Mugler’s Fall 11 collection. And she wore it to the Grammy’s. In a giant egg. But let’s be realistic here – editorial disappointment aside – Mugler’s revival (and current identity) is still very much in progress and I think Gaga’s music motives (and sheer star power) overshadowed the launch of the label. On a personal note I don’t think there will be a latex revival anytime soon.

In any case, Lady Gaga has already moved on to archival Versace. The Gaga photos featured in this blog are all from the Much Music Awards earlier this summer. Color, yes. Fun? Yes. Undeniably iconic Versace? Yes. I’m willing to bet that vintage Versace resonates with a lot of people out there. And while current runway trends are about 3 decades behind the 90s, these looks have a much broader reach than that of (new) Mugler. We can all, more or less relate to classic Versace whether original or replica. And speaking of accessibility, there’s a little collaboration going down on November 17th – “quintessential” Versace for H&M. Not bad timing at all.

Lady Gaga; Charly Max Vintage

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