What’s In Store? August 11 Edition

Another month, another retail sweep. Sure there were a lot of HITS from last month that move forward, but as we continue to getting into full gear for Fall, there is still plenty of new merchandise to fuss over. Here are my picks from retailers in August (full report tomorrow on Fashion Snoops).

70s SPORTSWEAR. Yes I was rooting for this in July. Check out Dorothy Perkins in August, where Mary Tyler Moore may as well served as designer.

60S. Milanese designers were right on the money with their mod Fall collections. Shift dresses, geometrics and a very important color..

ORANGE! (And Tangerine) blow up at retailers.

And what about silhouette? NO, those maxis aren’t going anywhere. However for point of difference, these FULL SKIRTS work nicely. Bonus: apply spectator stripes for added impact.

If you can’t break yourself away from maxi skirts and dresses, consider PLEATS which become a big deal across various skirt styles.

Look what’s cropping up. CROPPED TOPS as well as sweaters, are new to to the retail landscape. A fresh twist comes in the form of a boxy shape paired with a dress underneath.

Last silhouette remark, promise. The roomy OVERSIZED COAT is new to outerwear departments this Fall, echoing popular rounded and cocoon shapes which I pointed out in Prada and Jil Sander’s Fall 11 collections.

Of course fur outerwear is a huge trend, which we saw last month. But this is even newer. The CAPE, which I identified in Paris Fall 11 collections is introduced in August.

Retailers also go heavy on the LEATHER this month, expanding leather jacket offerings into sportswear. Here’s a fresh take – the Little (leather) Black Dress.

And since this is Fall we’re heading into, the sweater classification grows with OPENWORK gaining momentum and taking over from summer crochet.

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