Bread & Butter Fall 12: Women’s TREND Edition

Here’s what you need to get out of Bread & Butter this season. The show ended not even a week ago but rest assured here at Fashion Snoops we will have all this and SO MUCH MORE posted on the site very shortly! Like I did last season, here’s a rundown of the DO-NOT-MISS trends.


Followers of runway may recall our Wilderness Luxe theme, which was the major outdoor expression at Bread & Butter. This outerwear-heavy theme (I’ll get to that in a minute) also highlights quilting, heavy sweaters, fur and nature imagery.


So speaking to that outerwear bit, anyone in the outerwear classification has to have a parka for Fall 12. It ties in nicely with outdoor-minded collections and it’s essential everywhere else too.


THE color of the season is red in rich casts.


The cropped silhouette has been lingering for quite some time. New points of difference enter the market with asymmetrical high-low hems and cropped sweaters.


Speaking of sweaters, the sweater dress is another one of those items that EVERYBODY had (it is a commercial winner after all). Chunky textures and patterns add point-of-difference.


Contemporary womenswear brands took on the relaxed blouse as a key woven item in soft and fluid materials and slightly oversized silhouettes.


While the black & white story never quite went away, it made a huge impact at Bread & Butter from artful abstracts to geometrics and dye effects.


At Bread & Butter we see embellishment downtrend to some degree, while metallics come in full-force. The #1 expression here is metallic pants.


Pieced construction is still very much alive and well. Common expressions land upon outerwear and leather sleeves are favored.


A favorite of many at the Fashion Snoops’ office, collar interest becomes a new must-have detail. Stemming off of classic Peter Pan shapes, contrast color and embellished collars are highlighted.

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