Patience and a Friend Got Me Marni at H&M

I just returned from H&M with a Marni at H&M bag in hand. Apparently people in London lined up at 9pm LAST NIGHT. A bit extreme if you ask me.. although I would have done the same if I wasn’t on a plane for the Lanvin collab last year. ANYWAY, here in Paris, designer collaborations aren’t as prone to cat fights as those in New York or London and people don’t queue up quite as early. There also isn’t a bracelet system and the time to shop isn’t that closely monitored. I was actually debating whether or not to go, but after having a dream – yes I said dream – of getting the brocade top, I had to go. I got there at 10 minutes before 10am (no, the stores didn’t open early in Paris and yes I probably should have gotten there earlier) and waited a very cold 2 hours outside the rue de Rennes store in my neighborhood, all the while texting my friend who was at another location (Rivoli). Well she got in first and grabbed the accessories for herself (yes EVERYONE wanted the accessories) and also was able to grab the brocade top for me! I stuck it out in my line outside which seemingly took forever and was one of the last groups let in. All the clothes were still there upon entering but NO accessories. I grabbed my 2nd favorite – the leather top, tried it on and paid in a matter of 10 minutes, at which point there wasn’t even 1 hanger left on the rack. Good luck Marni fans in New York and Los Angeles!

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