In Case You Missed Noël on boulevard Haussmann

Admittedly, this post is coming in a tad after the fact. Nevertheless I’ve got a TON stockpiled and rearing to go for 2013, so I thought I’d open the New Year on a bright note.

The vitrines de Noël on Paris’ famed boulevard Haussmann are always a treat at department stores Galeries Lafayette and Printemps. This time around, holiday windows at the grands magasins were sponsored by major French houses – Galeries Lafayette with Louis Vuitton and Printemps with Dior.

Galeries Lafayette and Louis Vuitton created an extravagant (if excessive) vision of the holidays, adorned with animals from penguins to polar bears, ostrich and pandas – some holding Louis Vuitton bags, bien sûr. The theme was Bal du Siècle, meaning “The Ball of the Century” to mark a century of the store’s dome. The animated windows (gyrating polar bears anyone?) also featured drummer boys and dancing couples with animal heads. Large LV trunks – some vintage – were displayed most prominently, while apparel was featured sparingly. Mirrored gold effects in most windows upped the “wow” factor.

1galeries lafayette_holiday windows 2012 2galeries lafayette_holiday windows 2012 3galeries lafayette_holiday windows 2012 4galeries lafayette_holiday windows 2012 5galeries lafayette_holiday windows 2012 6galeries lafayette_holiday windows 2012 7galeries lafayette_holiday windows 2012 8galeries lafayette_holiday windows 2012

Over at Printemps, the holiday windows were all about elegance, which paired just right with the collaboration with Dior. The look was also more Parisian, with illustrated backdrops from the city itself, like a fair at the Tuileries garden or ice skating at the Eiffel Tower. 74 animated handcrafted dolls were featured throughout the displays, outfitted beautifully in mini Dior pieces, from dresses to Lady Dior bags. The experience was enhanced with dripping chandeliers, magical unicorns and some real-life Dior evening gowns.

Bonne année 2013!

1printemps_holiday windows 2012 2printemps_holiday windows 2012 3printemps_holiday windows 2012 4printemps_holiday windows 2012 5printemps_holiday windows 2012 6printemps_holiday windows 2012 7printemps_holiday windows 2012 8printemps_holiday windows 2012 9printemps_holiday windows 2012 10printemps_holiday windows 2012

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