DYNAMO: Flashing Lights & Optical Illusions

You don’t have to be an art enthusiast to appreciate this exhibit. DYNAMO: A Century of Light & Motion at the Grand Palais in Paris is all about the visitor experience, even if it may cause dizziness or perhaps a headache.

The visual exhibit, which takes at least an hour to go through, explores “notions of space, vision and light” and features contemporary works from 1913 – 2013, with highlights artists including Ann Veronica Janssens, Anish Kapoor, John Armleder, Carsten Höller, Philippe Decrauzat, Jeppe Hein, Felice Varini and Xavier Veilhan.

While my head space is deeply rooted in fashion, I divided some of my favorite works from the exhibit into themes below. Whatever side of the fashion vs. art debate you’re on, I think you’ll agree that there are several current trends that directly relate to some of the visuals.

Grand Palais – 3 Avenue du Général Eisenhower  75008 Paris

UNTIL July 22, 2013 – 10am – 8pm

OPTICAL ILLUSIONS + see related video hereDYNAMO_grand palais_optical_illusions1 DYNAMO_grand palais_optical_illusions2 DYNAMO_grand palais_optical_illusions3 DYNAMO_grand palais_optical_illusions4 DYNAMO_grand palais_optical_illusions5 DYNAMO_grand palais_optical_illusions6 DYNAMO_grand palais_optical_illusions7 DYNAMO_grand palais_optical_illusions8 DYNAMO_grand palais_optical_illusions10

NEON + see related video hereDYNAMO_grand palais_neon1 DYNAMO_grand palais_neon2 DYNAMO_grand palais_neon3 DYNAMO_grand palais_neon4 DYNAMO_grand palais_neon5 DYNAMO_grand palais_neon6 DYNAMO_grand palais_neon7

MIRROR MIRROR + see related video hereDYNAMO_grand palais_mirrors1 DYNAMO_grand palais_mirrors3DYNAMO_grand palais_mirrors2 DYNAMO_grand palais_mirrors4

FLASHING LIGHTS + see related video here DYNAMO_grand palais_lights1 DYNAMO_grand palais_lights2 DYNAMO_grand palais_lights3 DYNAMO_grand palais_lights4 DYNAMO_grand palais_lights5 DYNAMO_grand palais_lights6

PLASTIC FANTASTICDYNAMO_grand palais_plastic1 DYNAMO_grand palais_plastic2 DYNAMO_grand palais_plastic3 DYNAMO_grand palais_plastic4 DYNAMO_grand palais_plastic5

MECHANICALDYNAMO_grand palais_mechanical2DYNAMO_grand palais_mechanical1 DYNAMO_grand palais_mechanical3 DYNAMO_grand palais_mechanical4 DYNAMO_grand palais_mechanical5 DYNAMO_grand palais_mechanical6

RAINBOWDYNAMO_grand palais_rainbow1 DYNAMO_grand palais_rainbow2 DYNAMO_grand palais_rainbow3 DYNAMO_grand palais_rainbow4 DYNAMO_grand palais_rainbow5 DYNAMO_grand palais_rainbow6 DYNAMO_grand palais_rainbow7

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