The Chanel Store in St-Tropez Will Blow Your Mind

If you should be so lucky to find yourself in Saint-Tropez this summer, be sure to stop by the ephemeral Chanel store. As soon as you realize you’ve walked into a 19th century manor house, complete with sprawling gardens and a swimming pool, the term store doesn’t seem to do it justice. The setting is actually home to La Mistralée Hotel, though this is now the third year that Chanel has taken up residence there for the season. The Spring-Summer 13 collections are presented on the ground floor of the house in an airy yet modern setting. When I visited earlier this spring, the larger-than-life hula-hoop beach bag was displayed prominently in the center. Additionally, visitors are welcomed out back to the garden and pool area to explore a cabana set up with resort offerings, complete with Chanel surf boards. Once you set foot inside, you’ll never want to leave.

2_Chanel_St Tropez_S13 3_Chanel_St Tropez_S13 4_Chanel_St Tropez_S13 5_Chanel_St Tropez_S13 6_Chanel_St Tropez_S137_Chanel_St Tropez_S13

Until October 6, 2013
10am-1.30pm / 4.30pm-9pm
1, avenue du Général Leclerc
83990 Saint-Tropez

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2 thoughts on “The Chanel Store in St-Tropez Will Blow Your Mind

  1. I was luck enough to visit St. Tropez last summer and was happily surprised to stumble upon Chanel C’est magnifique!

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