Reduce, Reuse, Recycle à chez Hermès

While the concept to “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” is hardly new, it isn’t something you see everyday in the luxury market. Hermès is attempting to change that, with their new Petit h concept, which focuses on re-purposing materials like leather and silk into new items.

hermes petit h_ hermes petit h_2 hermes petit h_3 hermes petit h_4 hermes petit h_5

Petit h is displayed prominently in Hermès’ rue de Sèvres flagship in Paris. Shoppers are greeted at the entrance by spaces partitioned by colored ribbon walls and 3D wood blocks. Inside each space it’s kind of like a cabinet de curiosities in that you’re not really sure what you’ll find – perhaps small furnishings, necklaces or silks fashioned into sacks. Prices start around 145€ and could go upwards to the thousands.

hermes petit h_6 hermes petit h_7 hermes petit h_8 hermes petit h_9 hermes petit h_11

While continuing to target the luxury customer, the message that Petit h is trying to portray is that they don’t throw anything away. Materials used in the new range include those with slight defects or products from discontinued lines that are altered, embellished or combined with other fabrics. But it’s not just a quick fix. The artisans of Petit h bring a new and unexpected life to old materials or goods, while creating something entirely new. Now that’s something more luxury houses should aspire to be like!

Hermès Petit H
17 rue de Sèvres 75006 Paris

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